Why Is It Actually People Call MCA a scam?

Why Is It Actually People Call MCA a scam?


I’ll tell you.

Because we’re born into a society amongst skeptics, and people are afraid to be different and think for themselves.

I was once one of those people.

I had to get out. I had my mind in captivity by the system. Going to work from 7-3, being tired after, falling asleep only to waking up and having to start yesterday over.

IT got tiresome. I had to change something. That something was my way of thinking.

I asked myself what would 40 dollars hurt? It’s not 100 or more.

Tested it.

Got no results from spamming Facebook and Instagram. People didn’t take me serious.

So I said, “fuck it. It doesn’t work.”

Later I found out it did, but the way I was marketing and presenting myself wasn’t working. I needed a new method.

Since I was introverted and socially awkward I avoided the Door to Door strategy and approaching people in person.. I started blogging.

It worked.

Got my first sale and thought I was rich. Trust me, it’s a different feeling when you’re getting sales from not doing nothing.

It felt liberating, for once.

All I had to do was to scientifically do the numbers and be clear on what and who I wanted into my business.

I had to attract people who were already looking for my product.

Thank God for Google analytics.

It’s not as complex as it seems, it’s actually easily once you’ve gotten an ritual of what you need to do.

My new mindset was this..

….MCA Scam —people are looking for this keyword..
…5000 searches a month..
…That’s 166 visitors every day of the month
…If I’m on the first page of Google I get those visitors..
…Provide Value get sales..

It worked.

All I had to do was rinse and repeat those steps above..
with newer keywords for more traffic.
My goal was 1200 a week.
I needed at least 3 sales a day to make 1200 a week.

It got easier when I planned it out.

I thought too myself If I wanted to make this type of money or more I needed to provide the people with something they couldnt say no too, in spite of their skepticism.

And that was something like this… what I’m showing you now..

which is scientific formula for blogging… It eliminates the mindset of them having skepticism about MCA being a scam.

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